Oracle Certified Associate


Familiarity with basic computer operation

Course Description

This course focuses on the fundamental concepts of Oracle SQL to prepare students for Oracle SQL Fundamentals I exam, 1z0-051. Opportunities for hands on exercises will be provided. Concepts will be reinforced by giving homework and exercises.

Course Goals/Objectives

1. Determine Key Business Data Elements

2. Identify Entities

3. Identify Relationships

4. Understand Ordinality

5. Understand Cardinality

6. Model Supertypes, subtypes, arcs and hierarchies

7. Understand Normalization

8. Create Normalized Entity Relationship Diagrams

9. Convert ERD’s to Relational Databases

10. Create Tables

11. Query a Relational Database

12. Discuss relational DBMS fundamentals, capabilities, limitations, applications and problems.

13. Retrieve Data Using the SQL SELECT Statement

14. Restrict and Sort Data

15. Use Single-Row Functions to Customize Output

16. Use Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions

17. Report Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions

18. Display Data from Multiple Tables

19. Use Sub-queries to Solve Queries

20. Use the Set operators

21. Manipulate Data

22. Use DDL (Data Definition Language) Statements to Create and Manage Tables

23. Create Other Schema Objects

Cost  $199

The total duration of this class is 20 hours on the following dates:
September  18, 22, 29, 30, October 2 and 6 from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
Location: ADAMS main center Computer Lab (room 107)